Front-End Web Developer

About Me

Hi, I'm Senyth, a Web Developer from the Philippines who has a penchant for bringing ideas to life in the most creative way possible. Coming from old school blogging, I have been pushing pixels on the internet since 2009. Being a content creator, I enjoy providing free resources to fellow bloggers and developers. When I'm not creating divs, ids and classes, you can find me reading the latest news and analyzing chart patterns of stocks or in the kitchen baking my favorite cookies.

My Skills

I speak not only English, but I'm also fluent in HTML, CSS, Wordpress and PeopleSoft. I specialize in transforming flat UI to a responsive layout and creating elegant and clean codes. Drawing inspiration from subtle forms and pastels, I strive to apply high attention to detail and ensure quality user experience. I believe that a good design should be effective and efficient while being aesthetically pleasing. Who says you can't combine art and logic? ;)

















My Portfolio

Composed of non-profit organizations, local brands and blogs, here are some of my favorite works...

She Matters Website

She Matters

Taking on a one-man team project, I was in charge of the web design and development to web hosting and administration. Custom Wordpress and Coppermine Gallery themes have been coded to suit client's needs.

Features: Valid XHTML 1.0, Valid CSS3, Wordpress, Coppermine Gallery

Role: Web Design, Web Development, Design to Wordpress, Web Administration

Dollface Cosmetics Website

Dollface Cosmetics

This eCommerce project features a built-from-scratch Wordpress theme that allows the client to change headers and background. This houses their blog and their online shop. A detailed User Guide has been provided to the client.

Features: HTML5, CSS3, Wordpress, WP e-Commerce, Responsive design

Role: Web Design, Web Development, Design to Wordpress, Documentation

Rawrbie Website


This is my resources blog where I post tutorials, provide free layouts and Photoshop resources. This project showcases my passion to create fun Wordpress themes for bloggers. All themes have been made from scratch.

Features: Valid XTHML 1.0, CSS3, Wordpress, SEO

Role: Web Design, Web Development, Design to Wordpress

Glitteresque Website


This is a Wordpress blog centered around beauty and makeup, wherein I created content, managed the SEO of the website and tweaked the theme as I see fit.

Features: HTML5, CSS3, Wordpress, SEO

Role: Web Administration & Maintenance, Google Analytics, Google Webmasters

Oh Senyth Website

Oh Senyth

This is my personal blog where I post about beauty, wellness and food recipes.

Features: HTML5, CSS3, Wordpress, Responsive Design, Boots & Bones Framework, SEO

Role: Web Design, Web Development, Web Administration, Design to Wordpress, Google Analytics, Google Webmasters, Google Adsense, Content Management

La Jolie Skincare

La Jolie Skincare

Responsible for their online presence and branding, I designed their product labels and contact cards, along with creating individual product shoots to post to their social media accounts.

Role: Product Branding, Design, Photography, Print, Content Management (Facebook & Instagram)