Babie Senyth Entoma


With over six years of experience in the industry, she is a creative web developer in constant awe of combining the art of design and the art of programming, self-motivated with interpersonal skills dedicated to building user-centric applications while observing aesthetics. Project and process-oriented, she is an adaptable team player who can work independently.



Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

University of San Carlos

2007 - 2011

  • Graduated as Cum Laude
  • Coursework in C and Java Programming, Data Structures, OOP and DBMS
  • Involved in E-Media Club as Graphics and Web Designer


Front-End Web Developer

G-Angle Entertainment Cebu, Inc.

Jan 2018 - Present

Hired as a front-end web developer, she became a full-stack developer due to business needs. On top of that, she is also involved in establishing development process and system delivery.

Skills and Responsibilities:

  • Analyze requirements, perform fit-gap analysis, and provide suggestions and workaround in cases that there are gaps found
  • Establish development and testing process and coding standards
  • Drive sprint planning and point estimation of tasks
  • Analyze each task in Trello and provide subtasks as needed
  • Create UI wireframe and prototypes for the applications in accordance to the requirements
  • Design database structure
  • Develop applications both in front-end using Angular 2 and back-end using Node.js and Mongoose
  • Implement responsive, cross-browser compatible applications with mobile-first approach
  • Create reusable components and services that communicate to a RESTful API
  • Perform code and test reviews and ensure application meets the requirements
  • Create and execute unit test scripts
  • Track overall progress of the project in each sprint
  • Perform end to end testing before each sprint review to ensure the overall application works as expected
  • Present the applications during sprint reviews
  • Deploy applications to production environment with AWS


  • Tested an internal system to be used by the employees of the company, which involves the projects, employees, freelancers, sales and analytics of the company
  • Created and tested an internal system for the company to be used by their freelancers, wherein they can view their invoices and the projects they've worked on
  • Developed a chatbot application that consists of the 3 separate systems: the chatbot application itself using IBM Watson Assistant; the administration system of the chatbot which the customers use to update and configure the chatbot, keep track of logs and get insightful analytics; and the account management system which the company uses to create, update and delete the customers that can avail of the chatbot service.
Experienced and highly proficient in: Angular 2 (4/5/6), Angular Material, HTML 5, CSS 3, Sass CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript, Node.js, Mongoose, MongoDB, Requirements Analysis, Agile Development, Sprint Planning, UI Prototyping
Good knowledge: Express.js, NoSQL Database System, AWS, IBM Watson Assistant, IBM Cloud, MEAN Stack, Git

Senior Software Engineer

Accenture, Inc.

Jan 2012 - Apr 2017

Initially hired as a Java developer, she underwent bootcamps for Java. Due to business needs, she was retooled to PeopleSoft capability. During her stint in Accenture, she worked on 6 projects where she developed her functional and technical skills while getting involved with the process to help manage the projects.

Skills and Responsibilities:

  • Maintained a project with little to no supervision
  • Developed enhacements and fixed bugs in different modules of PeopleSoft HCM, Financials and Campus Solutions
  • Performed peer and lead reviews of work units created by co-workers before migrating them to Production
  • Responsible for time and resource planning using MS Project
  • Mentored junior co-workers and coached new juinors for their PeopleSoft bootcamp
  • Observed full life cycle of software development: able to gather requirements from clients, analyze them and give out estimates, build these work units and performed unit testing
  • Monitored tickets and determine ticket prioritization
  • Performed walkthroughs for various work units
  • Performed Root Cause Analysis on delayed work units and bug fixes
  • Created Functional and Technical Designs for work units
  • Managed and prioritized incidents and their SLAs
  • Created, reviewed and executed test scripts
  • Performed Functional Document reviews, Technical Document reviews and code reviews
  • Coded and deployed projects on remote servers
  • Submitted company-wide and project deliverables on time
  • Able to suggest and implement solutions and workarounds on various problems within the projects
  • Able to work with international co-workers and clients
  • Able to perform live demo to the clients
  • Able to lead a team of 2 and assist them while building her own work units and other tasks
  • Able to organize team buildings and build team rapport
Experienced and highly proficient in: Oracle SQL Server, MS SQL, MS Project, MS Visio, Documentation, Time and Budget Planning, Peer and Lead Reviews, Ticket Monitoring, Project Deployment, Software Development Life Cycle, Gathering & Analyzing Requirements, Unit Testing, PeopleSoft (HRMS, Financials and Campus Solutions), Application Designer, PeopleCode, BI Publisher, XML
Good knowledge: Java SE, Java EE, Oracle Hyperion, PERL

Junior Web Developer

NextIX, Inc.

Jun 2011 - Dec 2011

Shortlisted as a bootcamp participant for mobile programming, she was absorbed by the company as a web developer after showing her skills in creating several user interfaces for an app she made during the bootcamp.

Skills and Responsibilities:

  • Reverse engineered a system for thorough documentation and collaborate with co-workers to determine the scope, expectations and business process
  • Customized VTiger CRM to suit client's needs using PHP, MySQL and Workflows
  • Provided documentation and User Guide for VTiger CRM
  • Worked as a front-end web developer and business analyst where she created Use Case, Class and Entity Relationship Diagrams for a project using Zend framework
  • Able to relocate for an urgent project in order to better collaborate with clients
Experienced and highly proficient in: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax, VTiger CRM, PHP, MySQL, Documentation, Unit Testing, MS Visio, Adobe Photoshop
Good knowledge: Android Programming, iOS Programming, Zend Framework


Kaabag Sa Sugbo

Skills & Tools: XHTML, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, Wordpress, Coppermine Gallery, Web Host Management, Content Management


  • Designed mock layout in Photoshop
  • Initially built as a static website, this was upgraded to a Wordpress theme as per client's request to include their blog and organization updates
  • Developed clean and valid XHTML 1.0 and CSS 3, passing W3C standards
  • Built custom Coppermine Gallery theme
  • Provided well-documented User Guide

She Matters

Skills & Tools: XHTML, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, Coppermine Gallery, Web Host Management


  • Designed and developed user-friendly static website using HTML/CSS/PHP
  • Developed clean and valid XHTML 1.0 and CSS 3, passing W3C standards
  • Provided well-documented User Guide

Dollface Cosmetics

Skills & Tools: XHTML, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, Wordpress, WP e-Commerce, Content Management


  • Collaborated with client to gather requirements, achieve their preferred look and feel for the site and set target dates
  • Designed mock layout in Photoshop
  • Converted HTML/CSS layout to a Wordpress theme
  • Created their site headers and promotinal graphics
  • Able to set up WP e-Commerce for their shopping site
  • Provided well-documented User Guide

Personal Websites

Skills & Tools: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, Wordpress, Coppermine Gallery, Web Host Manager, Google Adsense, Google Analytics, Google Webmasters, Responsive Design, Mobile-first approach, SEO, Content Management


  • Designed mock layouts in Photoshop which are then converted to HTML/CSS layouts
  • Used her blog as a medium to create Photoshop and Wordpress tutorials for beginners
  • Developed responsive Wordpress themes using mobile-first approach in compliance with W3C
  • Able to customize Wordpress plugins
  • Explored new tools and technologies such as Less, Sass, Bootstrap and Grid System

E-Bill Website

Skills & Tools: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP, PERL, Integration, End to End Testing


  • Upgraded static website to PERL in order to change the header depending on the main brand to be billed to the user
  • Created System Flow and Architecture documents
  • Created Functional and Technical Design documents
  • Performed build & test, wherein website gets data from user and validates it against the data received from PeopleSoft
  • Performed PeopleSoft to e-Bill testing
  • Created a signed-off User Guide and performed walkthrough and demo to Onshore counterparts
  • Collaborated with Onshore and client to show how the upgraded website works and how to maintain it

Awards & Recognition

  • Cum Laude, Mar 2011
  • Top 1 in PeopleSoft Bootcamp, Aug 2012
  • Value Creator Award, Mar 2013
  • Service Excellence Award, May 2015
  • Oracle Fusion Financials 2014 Data Implementation Specialist, Nov 2015
  • Oracle Fusion Financials 2014 Reporting Implementation Specialist, Nov 2015
  • Oracle Fusion Financials 2014 Security Implementation Specialist, Nov 2015


Bradley Natavio

Software Engineering Manager

Accenture, Inc.

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Jules Verne Abarquez

Software Engineering Associate Manager

Accenture, Inc.

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Felipe Godoy, Jr.

Software Engineering Team Lead

Accenture, Inc.

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